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I've Moved

Posted Jun 28 2013 10:52pm

It has been a long time since I have sat down to write.  It was usually the time on the clock that stayed my pen.  After many weeks of being on my own with the kids, I find myself once again becoming a night owl, and so at 10:18 I sit down to write the first post I have written in six months.  

Somewhere, between the trips back and forth to Sacred Mountain Midwifery School, between the winding up and down mountains, I heard and answered a call to leave the city.  I was uncertain of what "leaving the city" meant.  Would I end up in a prefab home on the top of a mountain or in a small town, in Virginia, in Maryland, In West Virginia? During the day I continued with my midwifery apprenticeship, and then studied and passed my NARM exam, and at night I researched small towns, and talked to midwives who were looking for partners.  And the universe led me to West Virginia.

So then came the long ardous task of relocation.  Moving to West Virginia required that my husband leave a good job and an area where jobs were plentiful and relocate to a smallish town with little job turnover.  The journey involved buying a house without seeing it (because we were tired of thowing four kids in the car and driving six hours to see yet another house).  Relocating included spending four weeks with friends in DC because we had already sold our DC house and then a stint in the rectory of our local Catholic church because it was time for me to start work but we had not yet found a house.  The most diffiult process of relocating was a six week separation from my husband during the week (he came home on weekends).  There were moments when I stood before the Gate of Great Doubt and wondered what kind of nut dragged her family away from a stable job and close friends.... 

But life was good to me during the change: no babies came the first few weeks, my kids adjusted to their wonderful new sitter when I stole out in the middle of the night, the priest who shared his rectory was a wonderful host, and the house we bought site unseen turned out to be the perfect place for a family of six and home office.  Despite being on my own with four kids and joining a new midwifery practice, I managed to wade in the creek with the kids, take them out for home made ice cream, and spend time in the local library.

I am smitten with West Virginia.  Looking back, I realize that as a family in the DC area, we stayed very close to home after our fourth was born.  I no longer enjoyed piling everyone in the car only to get stuck in traffic or to wade through crowds that made me suspect that everyone on the East Coast was heading to the same venue.  We dreamed of camping trips on the weekend that rarely happened becuase packing up a family of six AND fighting traffic to get out of the city just didn't sound like a whole lot of fun.  We have done more things out of the house as a family in six weeks then we did in six months in DC.  Living on almost an acre of land that abuts forest is rejuvinating.  Knowing I will not have trouble parking or get stuck in traffic makes it a delight to pack up the kids and head out, to the forest, or downtown.  Life is good.

And the midwifery is good too, very good.  Yes, life is good, very good.  And at 11pm, it is high time I cleaned up the kitchen.  To all those out there contemplating a major change, I say GO FOR IT and take it one contraction at a time.  If you look ahead too far, as in labor, you will psyche yourself out and may never get there.

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