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I've been using ovulation sticks for the past 5 months and have not had any LH surge detected. I have a normal 28 day cycle. wha

Posted by yoshi

I normally use the stick 9-15 days after my first period and use the stick first thing in the morning.
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Are you testing once a day or twice a day? (sometimes a woman can miss the surge testing once a day)

you might have a short(er) luteal phase meaning that you aren't ovulating until after day15.

For some women a particular brand doesn't work for them. Have you tried changing brands?


I think 1st response has the month package- it is pretty pricy but it gives you enough sticks to test every day for your cycle and would let you know if you are having an LH issue

This is probably because you are testing first thing in the morning. LH is only produced in the morning and takes a few hours to reach your urine. Try testing around 2 in the afternoon and see if you have more luck- im sure you will!

I agree with switching brands. Try clear blue, I got no indications w/ first response but I got a smiley face with the clear blue ones.

 And, don't use it early in the AM.  Try afternoon.

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