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I took this picture yesterday. I ...

Posted Jun 06 2009 12:05am

I took this picture yesterday. I'm sixteen weeks now, and finally feel like I have an actual pregnant belly instead of just a gut hangin' around my waist. It feels very good to finally get a nice, firm, round belly going!

I want to say thank you all so much for the many kind words and suggestions regarding my completely insane second trimester nausea. I took your guy's advice along with my mother-in-laws and cut out the vitamins for now. Not just the oils, all of them. I figured that way I could start up again in a few weeks one by one and pin point the exact culprit {s}. I just stopped taking them last Friday and already I feel SO much better. I've only had one major gagging incident and that was after a particularly long drive in the passenger seat of our car. So that can be expected I guess. I get car sickness even when I'm not pregnant.

Everything is still going really good with Dakota and I's nursing. She nurses about three or four times a day for maybe three or four minutes each time. This is usually only when she gets hurt or is feeling bad or just wants to be close to me. I don't think it's ever because she's hungry. She eats like a horse now that my milk is so low. She's no longer nursing to sleep, for either naps or bedtime. I've noticed it kind of keeps her awake longer. She nurses for about thirty seconds or so then I think she realizes nothing is really coming out and she starts to play. You know; blowing air through her nose, making noises, grabbing my skin. So, now I just let her nurse for a minute and then turn her over on her back and she goes to sleep with me massaging her.

Her night nursings have dwindled down to once a night. She goes to sleep at her usual 8:30 or so, wakes up around 2am or 3am, at which time I take her in our room where she nurses and we go back to sleep together. Then she doesn't wake up until morning. This all started about a month and a half ago. I have to admit, I'm really surprised at this because, honestly, I did not expect her to give up her every two to four hour night nursings until she was completely done nursing altogether. But this is a really great schedule for us considering there will be a baby wanting to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG very, very soon.

I've realized over the last couple of days how glad I am that she hasn't completely weaned yet. It's great that she's okay with my low milk supply, and she's very adjusted to the fact that when I tell her "mama's are all done", she knows that for now at least we have to ease up a little on the nursing. But, deep down inside I truly hope that she's still nursing a little after the baby is born. It has saved us from so many meltdowns over the last two days. We're going through a very severe teething case right now. She just cut her bottom left eye tooth and she's been TOTALLY clingy, and upset and in pain. Man, has the nursing come in handy. I always think about after the baby is born and she's upset because I'm nursing him or her. How awesome would it be to just pull her up on my lap and let her nurse too? Just to kind of say, "See, you're still mine too." Is that selfish??? I mean, by no means am I going to try and get her keep nursing if I see or feel that she is ready to be done, but I just don't want her to be done prematurely. Ya know?

*Sigh* So many of my feelings wrapped up in one tiny little person...uh...okay, two tiny little persons. Whoa.
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