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I took a test for pregnancy and it was before my period. My boobs are sore, could I still be pregnant?

Posted by mjrcjb26

Last night I woke up to me sweating and then got really cold...I also noticed that my breasts were much more sensitive.  I was pregnant two months ago but lost it at 6 weeks and experienced the same night sweats.  I am also on Metformin for my PCOS....which I wasn't on during my first pregnancy. 

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if the test is coming up negative then I would think that your body is reacting either to the met or your cycle progestserone increase


I am not sure- just my thoughts based on what you told me

I actually just called my doc and left a message.  Is it normal that my breasts would be swollen and still hurting? I am suppose to get my period tomorrow.  When does a woman's progesterone level increase...during pregnancy?

You say you lost a pregnancy two months ago, and I wanted to say I am sorry about that before I tried to answer your question.

You could be experiencing typical menstrual cycle symptoms -- they can change from month to month.  I used to experience tender breasts, thigh aches, moodiness, back aches, and hot and cold sweats sometimes. 

I am glad to see you called your doctor -- perhaps he might want to run a beta hCG test and a P4 (progesterone) level. 

At the start of the menstrual cycle, your estrogen levels rise -- and the rise in estrogen causes your endometrium (uterus lining) to thicken because it starts to receive a richer supply of blood and prepare for a fertilized egg.

About two weeks into the cycle, LH (Luteinizing Hormone) levels rise dramatically and  this surge in LH triggers ovulation and also causes the follicle to become a corpus luteum.
This corpus luteum then starts to produce and release progesterone (it also releases small amounts of estrogen).

Okay Progesterone continues on maintaining the endometrial lining for a potential pregnancy; and the cool part about this hormone is that it also stops a new follicle developing and prevents the uterus from contracting. Now if the egg does not fertilize then progesterone levels start to fall; the corpus luteum disinegrates and your lining starts to break down or shed and the uterus can now begins to contract which leads to menstrual bleeding or your period.

During ovulation your estrogen levels going to be relatively low, but not absent. Like I said earlier the corpus luteum does release estrogen as well, but only in really little amounts. It secretes larger amounts of progesterone than it does estrogen, which is why progesterone levels are much higher during ovulation.

What does this all mean?  Progesterone is relased from the corpus luteum when you ovulate. And then Progesterone maintains your uterus lining, stops new follicles from developing, and prevents the uterus from contracting.  Now if you don't conceive and no fertlization has occured your progesterone levels will fall and your uterus sheds and your period begins.

 I hope this helps -


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