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i started my period on the 6th and finished on the 12th a day later started spotting and am still spottng????

Posted by megbar

started my period on the 6th of june and finished on the 12th noticed light pink to brown spotting a day later that comes and goes through out the day, along with a large amount of what i think is cervical mucus (clear ,slippery and odor less). about 4 days ago a dull pain started located on my right side over my overy. i dont  know what this could mean i have polycistic overies but have regular periods every month can you help???? meg
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one reason could be that you had a cyst that burst.

another could be that you ovulated early. 

tell me, when you had eggwhite cervical mucus, was that the only time or did you have more in the days that followed? If so, then how many and which actual days did you see this quality mucus?



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