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i slept with an ex two weeks after my apparent conception,how accurate are conception dates and could he be the babies father?

Posted by june2121

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if you were already pregnant (conception occured already) when you had sex with your ex then there isn't any possibility that the child could be his. 


i was just wondering how accurate conception dates are,could they be two weeks out?
count back from your due date and that should give you a pretty good idea

I was glad to read this post, because june2121 I have the same problem. I juxt cant understand this conception stuff lol, but I did a calender and its says my conception date was April 10, a day i did not have any sex,

Q: so does conception mean the day you got pregnant, or thats just the day your pregrancy really begins.

Because I slept with my ex in March but its say conception was April 10,11

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