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I saw this waterbirth video whil ...

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:07pm
I saw this waterbirth video while reading over at Bellies and Babies. I was immediately drawn to it because it reminded me so much of Levi's birth. The mama alone in the tub; governed by instinct, allowing her body to guide the birth process. It's an amazing and beautiful video and I especially love that it clearly illustrates the vast amount of time {comparative to the amount of time in a typical hospital birth} that elapses between the birth of the baby and the cutting of the cord. Levi stayed attached to his cord for at least ten to fifteen minutes after his birth. My midwife simply prompted me to check his umbilical cord to see if it had stopped pulsating. This is so important and I think very overlooked in our current maternity system.

I felt such a surge of, "Aaaaaaaah!!!" when I watched the interaction of mama and baby after this birth. Again, reminding me so much of Levi's birth {although Levi's birth in actuality was a lot quicker than this. I wasn't able to enjoy feeling his head under the water. He was out and in my arms in less than a minute! But the interaction between mama and baby afterword is what makes me think of his birth}. Instantly holding him in my arms. No tubes. No needles. No clamps. No beeping. No washing. No poking. No prodding. No ones hands but my own. Just his skin against mine in a bath of warm water. If I ever had to choose a moment in my life to describe as euphoric, I would have to say the ten minutes before and after his birth.

Waterbirth rocks!!!
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