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I Never Did Ask If He Peed In the Pool

Posted Aug 14 2009 4:41pm
Recently, the husband took Kaylee and Jocelyn to the water park. I stayed home with Lorelei. About an hour after they left, the husband called.

The Husband: "If I have to go to the bathroom, I know I have to take Jocelyn with me, but what do I do with Kaylee?"
Me: "She's 9. Leave her outside the bathroom. Tell her not to move. Tell her to scream if someone touches her."
The Husband: "Ok, I was just worried."
Me: "It's fine. But here's a question. Why don't you just pee in the water like everyone else?"
The Husband: "I was afraid."
Me: "Of the red dye?"
The Husband: "How did you know?"
Me: " I don't think that's true. You would have seen in happen before. And they would probably have to post signs. Someone would have surely sued by now. Public embarrassment or something."
The Husband: "Yeah."

When I was younger, I heard the rumor of the red dye. That some people use special chlorine and if you pee in their pool, it'll turn the water around you red. Is that actually true? It kept me from peeing in other peoples pools, but wouldn't I have seen it happen to someone at some point in my years?

When we have parties, the kids run back and forth from the pool to the Jacuzzi. Never do they run to the bathroom. They are out there ALL DAY LONG and never go to the bathroom. I don't mind the pool much since it's filtered. But the Jacuzzi? We have to pump out the water after every party. It's a hot, unflushed toilet.

I've been in the Jacuzzi a total of 2 times in the last 10 years. Both times I somehow managed to get pregnant in said Jacuzzi. Between the urine and the fertility, I don't go in the Jacuzzi anymore. It's safer that way.
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