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I Need Your Help Please

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

Hey Everyone,

I need your assistance pretty please. I have been working hard on a new blog for where I work as the Fitness Director for O2 Fitness Clubs in Wilmington, NC.

We all have aspirations of doing amazing things in our lives. Whether it was a dream to become part of a particular profession, an athlete, the US President, or a great parent to your children, you wanted to do the best you could so you knew you gave it all your got. For me, just as I did my best through Kayleigh's journey, I wanted to touch as many lives as I possibly could to help someone by sharing faith, hope and love to all ears who needed to listen.

Now that I have continued my journey in the world of health and fitness, I want to continue doing everything I possibly can to help others. My goal is to share the information and experience that God has blessed me with to change as many lives as I possibly can through fitness. In order to do that, I need to build a presence so that more and more people will see my true colors and know that I am there to help them make a difference in their lives.

So far, Aimee and I have been blessed to help through the March of Dimes and the American Heart Association here in Wilmington, NC. If you haven't read the story about Bo Dean, you definitely have to follow his journey and give him some words of encouragement through his battle to fight obesity, diabetes and a long list of other medical limitations.

So I am in need of your help to promote my fitness blog amongst the sea of fitness blogs that are out there so we can help change the lives of more and more people just like Bo Dean. Here are some quick, simple and very awesome ways that you can lend a helping hand to this program:

1) Click on this link to vote for the blog to rank us amongst other top fitness blogs: Top Sites Fitness

2) If you are a member and have a Google account, go to the blog at and click the follow link on the left toolbar which will link you as a member to the blog. If you haven't done it for this (Kayleigh's) blog, you should do that as well.

3) If you are not a friend of mine on Facebook, you can click to follow me here at: AdamFreeman

4) If you are not following me on Twitter, you can click to follow me here: Twitter
*If you struggle to find me, search under KayleighFreeman.

5) Copy and paste this post's link (which I put below for your to copy and paste) to this post on your Blog, Twitter and Facebook so that your network of friends can do the same exact thing.

This shouldn't take but a few minutes to do, but it would greatly be appreciated!!! If you have a business and would like to link websites, email me at I will put your business on my blog and my website so others can see you too!

If you have any ideas on how I can help you just as much as you are going to help me (help others), please let me know.

Thank you so very much and God Bless!!!
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