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i missed my period this month but getting white/clear discharge. pregnancy test was negative but i took it right after my period

Posted by princess

i've been stressed lately but thats not unusual. generally i get my period regardless of stress.
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wait a sec.


You say you missed your period but that you tested the day after your period?

White/Clear discharge is indicative of impending ovulation as this is the most fertile of the cervical fluid phases

tested just after the time my period would have finished had i gotten it. sorry for the confusion.

so the discharge - do you get it when you're pregnant aswell?

if you took the test when you were late then (provided you ovulated on time) then the result is considered to be accurate.


If your stress was at an unusual level then no matter the past history you could have well had/ are having a case of delayed ovulation.  It isn't out of the norm to experience it once in awhile. 

Also in the norm every once in awhile is to have an annovulatory (No ovulation) cycle... it is another reason to look at.

yeah, its not unusual for me to miss cylces/have really long periods; i've gone 5 cycles without my period before. I jsut wanted to make sure i'm not pregnant :p thanks for your help!

ive missed a period which i have never done b4 but have had white discharge could i be pregnat i have headaches some breast
Hi im 20 yrs old im married and ive missed a period which i never had before at all then 2 days ago iv had like white discharge and today i had like blood but it looks brown. am i pregnat? 
i had my period last month on 8/07/2010  it lasted for 5 day i was suppost to start again on the 8/27/10 but i havent started i did a hpt but it was neg but i have been having pains on my right side below my ribs it comes on goes and theres days i dont even have the pain but now am having a clear discharge befour it was small amount and tonight when i went to the bathroom there was alot but still no period and no pain ive been having backaches and i get hot , lite headed and i have felt bloated could these be signs of a early pregancy  

correct me if i am wrong, but it sounds to me like your body is just having a really nasty pre-period tantrum.

i get that every month just before my period, and the pain usually comes with a LOT of bloating. alot of the time a large amount of CLEAR discharge indicates increased fertility, and coupled with pain on only one side - you could be ovulating. 

if youre changing temperature too quickly a good idea is to wear a really warm woolen vest over a t-shirt. that way your core stays warm but your arms cool you down a bit. i also found that soda water helps with the bloating. as does less dairy for a few days. if the pain and bloating gets bad enough for you to not want to move a whole lot, make yourself some camomile tea - it relaxes you (and makes you sleepy)

unfortunately, i have found the more you freak out about being pregnant, the more your period will delay itself. i have often found that i will get my period a few hours after a negative hpt test because of the sheer releif! so just relax, set yourself a date in a week or two's time where you will take another test if youre still worried. :)

hope that helps.

well its been 13 days and i havent had any period the cramps seem to go away i feel like my self again but now i noticed that am starting to put on weight i made a appointment with my doctor hes going to do blood work  friday to find out whats going on me missing a period is not normal but i will let you know what he said and thanks
yeah if youre putting on weight the doctor is a good way to go. good luck
well i just got back from the doctor and he did a check and am not pregant my period had change cycle now so now am on the pill so i will start when am suppost to because i missed my period last month so he said that i should start any time and i need start taking them after i get off my period so i wont go threw this again and the reason why i was putting on weight was because i didnt have my period last month so thats was what was going on and my body was like stuck in a ovalation mode thats why i was having alot of clear discharge
ahh fantastic. the pill certainly decomplicates things :)
I am 16 years old and i have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I have missed my period this month but have no signs of pregnacy. I have been really stressed lately could this be the casue of my missed period OR am i pregnant? Please help me.

it depends - did he withdraw?

if so, dont worry yourself too much and take a test if you get any signs.

if he didnt, take a test ASAP! 

either way, the best thing to do is not to worry about it too much - i found that as soon as id taken a test, my period would begin within a few hours out of sheer relief! and please please please consider investing in some protection next time :)

yes he pulled out and the test was neggative
i have an spotting nov last yr, but dec.2010 i have my heavy menstruation., im kinda worried because this month i hvnt had my period yet.. and i feel signs of pregnancy.. am i prgnant??
my bf and I had protected sex but instead of my period for january, I had brown mucus like discharge for about a week and now I'm having clear watery discharge. Took two tests that came out negative. could I still be pregnant and tested too early?
hey .. ive had an unprotected sex with my ex boyfriend last june 2010, june july and august i have some spotting i test several times but its negative, then last september i have a week or menstrual period then october until now i never have a period again, plus i have this white discharge .. do you think im preggy ? im so so so stressed much .. 
me and my husband have been tryin for a baby for the past 2 years and im 2 days late on my period and im havin a little bit of whiteish clear discharge which has never happened before.....could i be pregnant i dont wanna take a test to early...someone please help
im 19 yrs old. my boyfriend and i had sex 2 weeks ago in march. and i usually started getting my period around the 22nd for the past 3 months it seemed to start  going by schedule, but my bf and i at first he wasnt wearing a condom and he pulled out immediatly after, we had the condom the rest of the time. but i havent had my period, i'm more tired during the day than normal, and my breasts are a little sore. im freaking out. what could this be????
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