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I may be pregnant but my breasts are not really swelling to my knowledge is that okay

Posted by blondiebaby424

I got my "Period " aweek early but it wasnt really a period, it was a little reddish and then turned brown after 3 days it was spotting only when i wipe kinda thing and a little reddish stuff when i had a bowel movement but thats stopped now, i am a week late already taken 2 tests both negative, maybe to early to tell but i am a little more tired and sensitive and on all teh quizzes i score like 8 out of ten for being pregnant but its negative what do you think i just so confused i am always on time the latest i have ever been was 1 or 2 days thats it and that hasnt happened in a long time. My period should have started last tuesday, and now it is the next tuesday no signs of period coming  whats your opinion , please help
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If you took the tests after your expected start date and they came out negative then I would say that is an accurate result.

Do you think that possibly you ovulated late?

Or perhaps that really was your period which means you are in a new cycle.  Tell me about the cycle previous to this one

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