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I may be pregnant again and am have progesteron level ?'s.

Posted by jazjenjen

I am 34 and have a 3 1/2 year old boy. It took me 3 months to get pregnant with him, using Fertility Planning charting only. I had a miscarriage at about 6 weeks, starting on the 13th of Aug. of this year. I saw a hearbeat with an early sonogram, but was having bleeding at the time. I did not wait another cycle to try again. I thought if my body was ready I would. I had a positive pregnancy test this am. I am having a lot of trouble getting anyone to draw a progesterone level on me. My Dr. is out of town and has had a note from me for 2 weeks on getting a level redrawn. When should I have the level, and if and when should I start on progesterone? Am I safe for the weekend until I can get someone to help me? I have tried 3 other OB/GYNs and the receptionists aren't that concerned. Help! Thanks!
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Congratulations on your positive pregnancy test. Because you are not under the care of an Infertility DR (a Reproductive Endocrinologist-RE) your OB office is going to treat you differently then a Fertility Clinic would. Hopefully you will be ok but if you continue to miscarry I would suggest that you find a RE and be monitored through him/her.
All the best!
Sharon LaMothe
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