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I'm throwing in the towel!

Posted Jan 08 2012 12:00am

Quite literally, as the mountain of puked-on bedding and towels is piling up! Because this stomach bug will not leave us alone! The girls had had a couple of better days, so on Saturday I decided that we were all done with the puking and stripped their beds and washed all of their bedding, blankets, lovies, sleep sacks and PJs. Less than 12 hours later - and in the middle of the night! - Amaya was up vomiting again ... all over herself, the crib, the bedding, the carpet and me. To make matters worse, I had started feeling rather crummy that afternoon (even though I had convinced myself that since I had just the stomach flue less than a month ago, I couldn't possibly get it again this time!). So even though we're used to dealing with quite a bit of puke around here, I will say that cleaning up chunks of curdled milk-vomit in the middle of the night while feeling like throwing up yourself was a new low, even for us!

Thankfully, I never did get the real stomach flu again, just a toned-down version of nausea, stomach aches and the overall feeling of illness. Good thing, too, since I had agreed to sub a cycle class Sunday morning - and since most of the other cycle instructors were at a training I had already attended, I had no luck finding a sub ... and thankfully, I did manage to make it through class without throwing up :)

However, we're awfully tired of middle-of-the-night vomits, soiled laundry and BRAT diet food around here .... so here's to hoping everybody feels better very soon!

And since for obvious reasons I haven't had much time to take cute pictures of the girls, here are a few more from the holidays that I never got around to posting

Here are the girls trying out the finger paint they'd received for Christmas: Liana
 Playing with their new train tracks set:  Coloring with cousin Elias:

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