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I'm going to be doing this for HOW long?

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Ok, here's my verdict: Pumping is...hard/weird/frustrating/constant/weird. I started yesterday and am already feeling exhausted. I'm sure it's just a combo of a VERY busy house-related weekend and my every-3-hour pump schedule. Currently not much is happening, which is the frustrating part, especially because I'm so competitive - seriously, I'm feeling competitive with my breasts. Does this even make sense? Every time I get myself hooked up I anxiously keep looking to see if anything more is happening than the time before. So far, not so much. I have produced enough to feed a hummingbird. A baby hummingbird. And it would be a baby hummingbird's snack, not even a full meal. Now I understand why they gave me a tiny little test tube to "store" the milk in. It's because initially, there's really nothing to store. Anyway, enough about production - even for my *way-too-much-information* blog, this is too much sharing : )

The other weird thing that happens is that within 30-seconds of starting the pump, I'm insatiably thirsty. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm not sure why it's happening, other than it's a good reminder to keep hydrated, which is important for this whole process. If anyone else has some insight, I'd love to hear it!

The hands-free pumping bra is working like a charm. Seriously, if anyone out there is planning on pumping anytime soon, you have to get yourself one of these puppies. It's a dream. Now I'm still totally chained to the spot when I pump because it has to be plugged into an outlet, and then attached to me, but still. To have my hands, free, makes all the difference. I ate strawberry rhubarb pie while I pumped tonight!

I can tell this is going to be a tiring process. I woke up at 3am last night for nighttime pump, and the ocean sounds on my alarm clock weren't so soothing at that time of the night. In truth, I barely remember last night, which I guess is a good thing. Maybe soon I'll be able to pump in my sleep! I have this vision of waking up to ocean sounds at 6:30am, pump still attached, and realizing I'd been pumping for 3 hours straight. Not good.

Tomorrow will be my first at-work pumping and I'm totally stressed about it. What if someone walks in my office while I'm pumping? What if someone walks by my window (I'm on the ground level) and sees me naked (pretty much) from the waist up? How do I clean out the bottles and other paraphernalia in our common kitchen sink? I can just see it now; "Oh, hi (X). How are you? I'm good. Great weekend? Super. Oh, are my breastpump bottles in your way?" OMG. I'm going to have to figure a way to be a stealth pumper at work...

Adam and I figured out today that I have approximately 330 pumps to go before the baby is here - give or take a few. Wow. That's a lot of pumping. I should be somewhat of an expert by then!

In other news, baby girl Brown was a bad girl last night and sat on something in her auntie's belly that was super painful. Seems better now according to Jenn, but I'm going to have to have a chat with her on Friday when I see her next (baby girl Brown, not Jenna).

Hope everyone had a great weekend - a little hard to believe it's already over.
Time to go and get ready for another pumping session...oh, I're all so jealous : )
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