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I'm confused and worried

Posted by Zandy


We have been trying to get pregnant since the last 9 months now. I'm 37 years old and have a grown up son who's 18 now.  

Both me and my husband have completed medical checkup for fertility and the result was good, they found no problem at all in concieving. But for the last 9 months nothing happened. But this month i.e. Feb 2010, my due date is today...15th Feb and my last menstrual date was 15th Jan 2010. In the last week of Jan, i had period cramps that lasted a day, and the next day, i felt movement in my right abdomen and cramps on my left leg starting right from the thigh. It dissapeared after that and a brownish discharge started appearing which lasted for two days. But since two days before now, I had the period cramps again and felt as if my period is about to come, I even checked my cervix and found it hard and dry and the OS is quite high up. Even as I write this, the numb feeling in my abdomen and ache on my back is still persisting though bearable. I still have not got my period. I even did a HPT today and it came out Negative.

Please tell me what's going on as I feel very scared and confused.

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avoid sex for a mointh take potential diet  before sex u can ask for further advice how to do sex

Its me again, now the cramps have subsided substantially but my breasts are sore and the nipples scared to do a hpt again less it comes out negative.....i used to have UTI before but its cured now, could anyone advice if they too have ever experience like this. Im 4 days late now.

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