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I'm a fertile infertile...............** read me again, edited

Posted Apr 23 2010 11:40am
Had Drs appointment and it was terribly familiar..............I'm terribly normal and or weird.

Here we go

P-4 27.7
P-2 48.9
P+2 7.1
P+4 9.9 Dr said pre peak and peak estrogen is good and or high and post peak is "abnormal"
P+5 8.2 and low
P+7 7.0
P+8 6.3
P+11 11.2

P+3 14.3
P+5 14.4
P+7 21.0
P+8 22.0
P+11 19.8

Progesterone is all "fine"

P+ 7 labs
FSH 4.1
LH 3.1

Prolcactin 6.6 (3.0-20.0)

testosterone 1.3 (17.5-43.51)
free testosterone 0.03 (0.6-1.8)

He said theses were all "good" I thought testosterone looks low, no?

so the only thing he can offer me is estrace for post peak and the option to go see Hilgers so I'm back to having nothing.

************* the only thing I forgot was he told me I was Inflamed right in (front?) of my cervix and this usually causes issues with charting cm but I seem to be "fine" with charting so no biggie........anyone know anything about this?

I've got to be the most fertile infertile right?

Nothing really wrong, no reason you can't get pregnant.

I can't adopt.....................argh.
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