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I'm 2 Days Late... Could I be pregnant even with a negative test and having symptoms?

Posted by deer_fish_feet

I have been pregnant before but that was 11 yrs ago. I can't remember what I felt when I was pregnant. I have had many symptoms that would make you think I was pregnant but I took a test today and it came out to be negative.


Symptoms:  Missed period, Dull cramping, Weight gain, Tired more often, Terrible headaches that lead to migraines, Tender breasts to the touch or any slight movement, Throwing up more often, Moody, Body temp goes up and dwn, Very emotional ( I cried watch Lilo & Stitch 2, also wanted to cry when I was watching Family Feud), Sensitive to smells, Trouble sleeping and more.


Could I be pregnant???

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Sounds like you very well could be. If you are insured, I would go get a blood test done. 
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