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I just had a blood test yesterday that confirmed that I am 5 weeks pregnant. This morning I noticed I am bleeding lightly. What

Posted by hollyann

I am 5 weeks pregnant and this morning I noticed that I am bleeding. I have been having what I thought to be normal very mild cramps and they come and go. I am not sure if this means that I am having a miscarriage or not and I don't know if I should just wait or go to the ER since it is the weekend. 
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What was your beta number?



It was only a qualitative test so it just confirmed the pregnancy but not the quantity 
Is there anyway you can get the number?
I would have to have another blood test done to get the quantitative results and my first OB appointment isn't until Dec 3rd. I just don't know what to think about what is going on. 

I am asking because if the number is good then its probably some pregnancy related bleeding. Do you know at what number the lab determines it to be positive (cause some go as low as 5 and others don't consider it positive unless it's over 30).  


As long as it doesn't turn into full red flow accompanied with any pain you should be good.

They consider 25 a positive result. I was getting positive test results at home but when I went to the dr. office and they did a urine test it came back negative so that is why I had a blood test done. 

That is unusal then that they aren't doing a progressive beta considering you were getting positives at home and a neg in the office.


Maybe they were using faulty tests?

Anyway, there really isn't much I can suggest other than to either ride it out and see if it stops or request another beta be done if you are still concerned

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