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i just had a baby 4 months ago and im having pain in my ovaries almost like cramping could i be pregnant again?

Posted by amylhicks

i recently had a baby about 4 months ago and i had sex about like 30 times since then me and my husband never used protection like ever and i was on the pill for like 2 days i only stopped because it was making me sick.. i have been having this discharge like stringy almost like right before i had my daughter it just falls out almost ... we had sexual intercourse about 3 days ago which was at the peak of my ovulation and the symptoms seem to have gotten worse i was wondering if i could be pregnant and if i took a HPT now if it would tell me considering im supposed to get my period in like 8 days would it be able to detect it if i was? PLEAASE hurry and answer i need to figure this out my husband is gunna have a heart attack if i am but ... i guess its what we get THANKS a bunch
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