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i havent had my period in a week and a half and i been having a brownish colored discharge and cramping nonstop. what is wrong?

Posted by sweetiepie09

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i had that issue as well. it is now the 29th of november. I had my last regular period on October 3rd 2012, on the 9th of november i had brown dishcharge for 3 days and on the 12th of Nov i had bad cramps but light bleeding the light bleeding continued til the 14th(the cramps lasted one day- a couple hours) whats ur opinion

are you saying you are a week and a half late?

I need more information from ya so that I can give you a reasonable answer. 


The first day of this last cycle? Are you cycles regular? On average how long are those cycles? Do you know if you ovulate? if so then what is your detection method (ferning, ovulation predictor kit, monitor, etc)? When did you have unprotected intercourse?

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