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i have tummy cramps i started my period on the 1st so it cant be that but i feel sick not been sick

Posted by alp1982

started my period on the 1st lasted 4-5 days as usual i no i would ovulate around the 14th today but i have had tummy cramps for 3 days and felt sick for 2 had unprotected sex for last week or so but it would be to early to think im pregnant wouldnt it?
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Generally speaking then yes it would be too early for conception since today would be your CD14-

Keep in mind though that with fertile cervical mucus present semen can stay alive for approx. 72 hours so if you had unprotected sex in the last three days, today or tomorrow your chances of conception are high.

i no it cant be pregnancy but the sickness and cramps are the same as when i fell pregnant nearly 2 years ago thanks for your fast replyx
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