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i have not had a period ever since i got off birth control. my period was not regular before the pill, but now i will not have i

Posted by finnchick

I started birth control to help get my period in check and on track oand to ease some of the PMS symptoms. I was on the pill for about three months before I got off it. My cycle has never been regular before the pill, but now that I am off the pill I will not have a period at all. I have been off the pill for about 4 months. What can be causing this? (besides being pregnant)
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if you have PCOS (which can cause irregular cycles that annovulatory) then that might be an explination. 


Cycles in those with PCOS can sometimes run for months before medication is needed to begin a new cycle.  I would suggest you make an appointment with your GYN to begin testing.


Now I am not definitely saying that is what is going on with you but from what you told me it seems to be the strongest possibility

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