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I have misscarried twice due to a blighted ovum, can i even have another baby?

Posted by nicolle912

I have recently misscarried twice due to a blighted ovum and i'm starting to worry now, i just didn't know why this is happening to me again, is there any reason why and can i fix it?
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Since a blighted ovum happenes due to chromosomal abnormalities there really anything one can do to prevent it from happening.  

If you get pregnant again and m/c then I would suggest you request recurrant loss testing to see if they can find an underlining problem.

Even though i have a healthy 1 1/2 yr old already? I guess I just didnt understand what i was doing wrong with these past two pregnancies as oppose to the first one.

it is a well documented fact that there are no two pregnancies that are the same- even in the same woman.


You aren't doing anything wrong- its just the science of it all. The testing will (or should) determine what the issue is.

how do they test for that? like bloodwork? and thank you so much for your help. I have a doctors appt this week for my post op. I'll be sure to tell him i would like testing done, he did mention taking progesterone to help my body hold the pregnancy, however, now i'm wondering if maybe taking that could be a bad idea, since my body is rejecting these pregnancies for a reason,and taking progesterone could mean i could be holding something my body  might disagree with for numerous reasons. ?

Right now you can ask for a fertility work up to be done.  That should give you a good picture on how everything is working.

If by any chance you miscarry again then at that point (as I said before) would say that you should ask for recurrant loss testing. 

As far as the progesterone goes- it isn't a bad thing and in no way affects the embryo. In fact if there happens to be a progesterone issue (numbers too low) then that would also cause recurrant losses.  (This I know about since I am on progesterone suppositories).  As long as you follow the doctors direction and he/she is planning on having you test approx 14 DPO then it would be fine. If the test is negative then you simply stop taking the progesterone and your cycle ends.

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