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I have had my period once in May and never again. What does this mean?

Posted by Brianna

Ok, I will be 14 soon and I think im messed up. On May 08, 2008, I got my first period. It was heavy and lasted 10 days. In August, I went to the docter, she said I had nothing to worry about- (I didn't have any tests). Now I am really worried, I have been having occasional pains and daily light discharge, but no period. I am not pregnant.   

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I had a similar situation when I was 13.  My best advice is to have enough confidence in  yourself to ask your doctor the questions you have.  If you have a male doctor you may want to think about  choosing a female one, this may make you more comfortable.


I wish you luck.  Just to let you know even with irregular periods, I have two children now.  If you are sexually active you could still become pregnant with no period,  because you don't know when  you will ovulate.

Another thing to discuss with you parents and your doctor...Most doctors will advise you to get on birth control pills to regulate your period. 

There are other natural methods that may  help your body to ovulate regularly such as herbs.  Talk to your parents about learning about the herb Vitex and the herb Dong Quai.  These two herbs are the best at regulating your menstrual cycle.  Maybe there is a Naturopathic Doctor or an Herbalist in your area who can help you.


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