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I have been having weird feelings lately so I'm wondering if maybe I'm pregnant.

Posted by Valerie Elizabeth.13

I had sex the second week of December with my boyfriend twice in a row one day & we didn't use protection at all & I am not on B|C. I have been feeling sharp pains in both my lower abdomens lately. Also I get naucious or light headed|faint a lot. I have feelings as if I may throw up but haven't been able to throw up in years. I've been very bloated & tired. I also have had heart pains & feel as if my vagina is stretching when i go pee. I havent had sex since Dec. so why would i stretch?! I noticed that I'm losing breathe very easily too & I get hot & cold sweets.The other day I had felt movement in my stomache as if there was a baby inside. I'm wondering if maybe I'm pregnant. Btw I have pcos so I'm wondering if maybe it has something to do with that. Please help!
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