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i have been feeling nausaus for the last week day/afternoon/night. my lmp was sept 6th. is there any possibility to feel sick so

Posted by NinBar

first day of my  lmp was sept 6th ( my period was a week early ). I felt sick sept 23rd. and I have continued to feel sick during the morning/afternoon/evening. Is there any possibility that I can already feel sick? this week sept 27/28th my breasts have been very sore...nipples have been hurting. my lower half of my stomach have some stretchy crampy feelings. I have not noticed any pink/heavy flow. I also have been feeling bloaty.
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the symptoms you describe are also caused by the natural rise in progesterone that takes place post-ovulation (the second half of your cycle). 


At this point it is too early to take a test...but if your bleed doesn't begin in  about four days then would be a good point to take a HPT. 


I can't tell you anymore since I don't know your average cycle length or when you ovulate or what your intercourse pattern was during your fertile time. 

Thanks for responding! I really appreciate this. my average cycle is between 21-24 days. I used a online calculator, it said I should have conceived sept 20th. ? I was active with my husband the 17,18 and the 20th of sept. Does it matter that my cycle started a week early? I will take that test in four days ( very long days ) Thanks again!!!
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