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I have an upset stomach, could it be that I am pregnant or Just have a virus?

Posted by 21

Hi, I am 21 years old.  I had unprotected sex with my husband on November 17, 2010 two days later I got my period (11/19/10).  I have had an upset stomach For about 4 Days... I feel Bloated, my stomach Hurts like if I have diahrreah, (I go to the bathroom but I am Kind of constipated) My lower abdomen hurts,  after I eat I feel Really Bad... I feel the pain Like I have diahrreah But I cant go to the bathroom,  I feel bad Everytime after I eat Anything,  the first two days I had really bad heart burnd, I feel I little quizy But I dont trow up,  I do Feel Better After I got to the bathroom when I can Go.  I bought a laxative cuz Mayve there is something in my stomach that doesn't want to get out or something... But I am Scared to take it... What if I am Pregnant it harms the baby... What should I do?   Could I be Pregnant? or Just have a Virus?

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