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Posted by kadeezangelz101

MY PERIOD IS NOT DUE FOR ANOTHER FIVE DAYS, I TOOK A FEW HPT AND THEY ARE POSITIVE. I HAVE A NORMAL 28 DAY CYCLE, AND MY LAST PERIOD WAS FEBRUARY 4TH-9TH. My breast are sore, and today I am having period like cramps, and last night i wiped and there was light thick brown discharge. Today the discharge is gone but if i wipe hard the toilet paper is tinged a faded brown. Today is the 27 of Feb. my period is not due until 3/04/09. Is my period trying to come or is it coming and I am really not pregnant. I have two other little girls both healthy normal pregnancies I do not recall feeling like this or having this happen. Please let me know what you think?
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I have the same symptoms. About 3 weeks ago, i noticed that my breast were sore. A week later, I `had nausea, mild stomach cramps, back pain, couldnt sleep good at night, couldnt sleep on my stomach without pain, headaches, and very vivid dreams. This week, the symptoms only got worse. I cant eat most foods with out feeling nauseous, i feel emotional over little things and this morning, I notice light brown stringy (gel like) discharge and if i keep wiping it fades and is very very light brown. I normally have my period every 28 days and the first day is usually heavy. Last Month, after having unprotacted sex with my boyfriend, it came on a Monday (two days before it was suppose to). And now its Monday (4 weeks from my last period) and i just have those symptoms and light brown discharge. But the thing is, for the last 7 months i've been on birth control (Ortho Tricyclen Lo). I would sometimes miss a pill and take it later or forget to take it the same time everyday (and take it 1 to 4 hrs later). So i am pretty positive i am pregnant although i do not know for sure. I stopped taking the birth control just incase i am and started taking prenatal pills.... If u have been having unprotected sex and not used any birth control, than more than like you are pregnant especially if you took a preg test that said POSITIVE. Take some prenatal pills and make a docs app. Hoped my super long story helped lol.

I was 6 days late & my period is ALWAYS on time i can actually plan my life around it. & my husband & i have been trying for two months for our second baby.So being that many days late & being very emotional, having lower back pain, & very fatigue & some heart burn ( which i have never had in my life not even with my first pregnancy) We bought a clear blue test & took it. It said said positive 1-2 weeks ( which means I am 4-5 weeks where they base it off the first day of your last period & clear blue goes by the day of conception) We were very excited after not succeeding last month. ( even tho my period was late & not normal we had taken a blood test & it came back neg) Soo to see a positive we were on cloud nine!. But this morning i went to use the wash room & when i wiped it  i found a pinky-brown bleeding. The first day of my normal period is very heavy but ths was different like you have said above as i wiped it faded... & i have gone to the bathroom since & there has been nothing. I am concerned could this be implantation bleeding or am i having a misscarriage?? TERRIFID!!!! Because we want this sooo bad! I feel very pregnant as i did last month but was let down by a negitive... jsut not sure whaat to feel or think ....

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