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I had unprotected sex on the last day of my period? Am i pregnant?

Posted by rach

Hi there,

I had unprotected sex with my bf on the last day of my period. (he did not cum inside me, but i am concerned about precum). I just took a pregnancy test and it came out negative... but intercourse was only 3 days ago and I am unsure if the test would be accurate. I am getting wierd cramping... almost like period pains in my adomen. The thing is, I had my period and took the morning after pill and then got my period again. And it just finished 3 days ago and that is when i had unprotected sex because someone told me you cant get pregnant on your period.

 Can you please advise me of what is happening?

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Did you read what the side effects/process of the morning after pill would be?

The purpose is to prevent a pregnancy from occuring so I would assume that would force your body to shed the uterine lining (anyone who has used this particular product would be able to answer this better than I can since they will know the specifics) so that should an egg be fertilized it has nothing to implant on- which means you bleed . It resets your body so to speak and it is the beginning of a new cycle.

If you only bled 4-6 days it is highly unlikely that conception occured as your body hasn't even released the egg and your cervical fluid probably wasn't even fertile.  There is only a very small window where a woman is actually fertile any given month- unlike men who are fertile at any point in time.

I would suggest that you read Toni Weschler's "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" so that you know exactly how your reproductive system works. Believe me- it isn't what they teach in school.

In the future you will be more comfortable when you know where you are in your cycle (especially if you have unprotected intercourse)

hi there same thing has happened to me hun your not alone but my bf did come in me i had sex on my last day of my period was on when had sex then after iwasnt then took morning after pillbout 12 hours later or less then 4days lateribled for 5 or 7 days my doc told me icouldnt be pregnant later as ibled from the map and thats what it does but i still haent had a period yet hun and my doc said that ive got totake my next periodfrom the time ibled from the pill whichwas the 28th periods are usuallly 30to 40 days but am 30 days today or tomorow think im getting a few painsere and there but not sure keep falling sleep too hope im not pregnant have done a test today clearblue and is negative my doc done one last tues was negative but that wouldnt of shown up nyway and i done one 2 days later last week too

im going to do one by thur this week probably

im the same as you but did have stuff up me quite alot + it was the last day of my period but havent gt a clue where it is

maybe im ganna be really late though like 40days but ihave bled twice one wat was my normal period in the middle of  the month like the 18th april then afake period from the mapill at then end of month which was the 28th so ive had two periods in one month  

you be ok hun trust me

ihope iwill be :(

im very scared and was stupid and im an older woman and should know more better

im flaming going through hell at mo and cannot relax

so if im going through it iknow you are too the same as me




i had sex after 4 day of my period am i pragnant .

me and my boyfriend had sex the same day my period ended and he comed inside of me.. i started my period on the 6th and it stoped on the 10the and i had sex on the 10 can i be pregnant?

hi was wondering about all this i had sex with my boyfriend the day i finished my period and day after and he cum inside me ive had sex a few times the last 2weeks and hes come on all the occasions so wat does mean its onlky been 2weeks took 2 tests both negative idid have the symtoms like u get when due on but im not due on for another 2 weeks but dont no wat to think had sex a few times n hes come in me what do people suggestx
Can someone HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had my period start up this past Father's day June 20 and I stopped bleeding on the 26th. Usually I wait 1 or 2 days after my period has stopped to hav sex again with my husband, I want to make sure ALL the blood is gone, becuz I usually DON'T duch. Well this time I DID NOT WAIT THOSE 1 OR 2 DAYS, I was just too horny! So we MADE LOVE on the 26th and I really havn't stopped bleeding. Could he hav knocked my perid bac down???  TODAY IS NOW JULY 6 AND I WOKE UP FEELING LIKE I HAD A YEAST INFECTION! Yesterday ( the 5th) was really bad cramping that didn't last long. So this morning (the 6th) I use that expensive one a day vaginal applicator stuff. Its NOT FLOWING though ( well is did for a lil while) but I wouldn't say its period blood because I JUST HAD MY PERIOD STARTING THE 20TH. Here it is 10 days later and stuff still coming outta me. LIGHT BROWN PINKINSH COLOR. Am I pregnant????????????

well i had sex with my boyfriend and i was on my period the next day it stopped im i pregnant

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