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i had unprotected sex a week ago and now i am cramping its not time for my period can i be pregnant?

Posted by daphney

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You can get pregnant any day of the month, including even while you are on your period. Don’t have unprotected sex unless you are willing to accept the risk of pregnancy.


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i have the same thing, im not due on for a week, but i have cramps quite noticable today constant, i have gone a bit crazy with the unprotectedsex thing in tghe last month, now im pooing bricks

First-  it is a myth that a woman can get pregnant any day of the month.  Physically that is impossible. A man can get a woman pregnant at anytime since they are fertile 24/7.  A woman only has about a five day window in any given cycle to even have the chance at getting pregnant: Three days before, day of and day after ovulation.

Even then for a healthy couple with no health issues and have perfect timing within the conception window the chances of actually conceiving is only 25% a cycle. 


So the questions you should be asking yourself are: 

1) when did start your cycle (first day of full red flow)?

2)Do you know when you ovulated?

3)Was the unprotected sex during that fertile window?

well it is possible to be pregnant after not having unprotected sex. if you were ovulating then you could definitely be pregnant. you can go online to google and type in ovulation calculator and it will walk you threw the steps but its jus an estimation. im having the same problem as you and i found out i was ovulating and im cramping but have to wait for my period on the 18th im super scared but all i can do is wait nw but it jus gives you an idea....
i had a misscarage 2 weeks a go iv had  intercourse with my partner 4 times and now i am getting cramps could this mean i am pregnant again ?
I have a simular problem, i came off the pill to have my period, i had my period on the 26th march, had unprotected sex on the 31st march, but i hadn't started my new pack of pills, 3 days later i bled for 3 days, and i have now got really sore and tender breasts and feeling dizzy and tired all the time. could i be pregnant?
1st of all its not true that you only have a 3-4 day period you can get pregnant. I got pregnant my first time in the middle of the month and my 2nd time 3 days after my period.. YOU CAN GET Pregnant any time of the month.. If you have bad enough cramps during your period some people can release an egg  its rare, but it happens. Any time you have unprotected sex its like playing russian roulet with gettting Pregnant
can I get prego if I have sex w no condom and still have craps and have my period and on the pill
While it's nice that you took the time to respond to this question, it's sad that you probably think you're educating and really what you're doing is shaming and not helpful to anyone.
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