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i had sex 3 days before my period.. continued story in details section of question

Posted by prayingimnot

i had sex 3 days before my period, my boyfriend was not wearing a condom, however he did not cum inside of me, there could be a possilblity that a small amount of precum did enter though. my period is now 1 week late, and i took 2 pregnancy tests that read negative. however, i still havent gotten my period yet. where is it? am i pregnant and what would the chances be?
also. i am diabetic, does that have an effect on the test or anything like that? or reason i do not have my period. i usually NEVER miss periods
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It is not possible to get pregnant from this particular session if you had your period three days later.  The uterine lining shed and a new cycle began.


there are reasons for an extended cycle... most  common is simple delayed ovulation.  Another would be annovulation (no ovulation this cycle).  The reasons for each are usually stress related- events in the first half of your cycle that are out of the norm.  Also weight loss or gain  can cause both instances as well as any medications (for infections to allergies) that are not apart of your normal routine. 

i see. you mentioned in the first line. "this particular session if you had your period three days later". just so i understand you clearly. you meant. if i my period was SUPPOSED TO BE DUE 3 days later. because obviously i didnt have my period. lol. 
you also mentioned. stress relation in the FIRST HALF of my cycle. i get my period every month at around the 20th. when would the first half of the cycle be? i was very stressed for about a week and a half before having sex due to work, than i was even more freakishly stressed after i missed my period on the 20th. 

i appreciate your response. thank you very much for your time in helping me. 
there is one more thing, im curious to if it is normal for a situation like mine. i showed SOME signs of a period. such as, i had very moderate cramping a few times, i was extremely moody and cried often (which is common on my period) however i did not bleed. 
idk what that means or if i should worry. 

thank you again 

well that changes things.. you didn't say that you missed your period.. you said that you had sex three days before your period so from that I gathered that you had a period and began a new cycle.

As for when is the first half of your cycle is...that is the first day of full red flow (of your period) to the day you ovulate.  This time is most often two weeks but it can vary- influenced by stress, meds etc.  If your ovulation was delayed by a few weeks then you could have had sex in your fertile window- making your chances of conception about 25%.

As for the cramping... IF we are dealing with a delayed ovulation the hormone flux (in my experience) tends to be more drastic.  Your mood swings could have a great deal to do with your progesterone (the hormone that dominates in the luteal phase- or the second part of your cycle)


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