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i had cramping yesterday and this morning i took out my tampon and it had a light pink spots and i'm cramping what could this be

Posted by Fivestar21

I had some cramping yesterday like i was about to start my peiod. I woke up this mornin and the tampon had two spots of a light pinkish blood and im cramping now could this be that im about to startmy period?
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if you are toward the end of your cycle then yes... light spotting can be an indicator of pending bleed.
But i had a period last month on november 12,2009 and i havent had one yet and this morning i saw the light pink spots on the tampon and im cramping but no blood what could this be?
How long on average are your cycles?
well they're different i'm not really sure in October i got my period on the the 20th of October. Then i had a period on the 12th of November and for this month of december i havent had one yet!!
when did your cycle start in September?
I don't remember when my cycle started in sepember!! Sorry!!
But i know my cycle started on the 20th of october and started on the 12th for november and you said in your first answer that if i was towards the end of my cycle but i bee off my cycle what you think this could be?

the reason why I asked about your September cycle is because your October cycle was 22 days...

If I had an idea of how long your previous cycles are then I could give you a better answer... right now based on the one cycle it seems as though you are about to begin your next cycle... 

so im just about to start my next cycle thats all it is?
based on your october cycle (which was 22 days) yes. today is your day 23.  So if 22 -23 day cycles are normal for you then yes.. your next cycle is about to begin
Ok im trying to get pregnant what days would be my most fertile days so i can get pregnant?

your fertile window are the three days before, day of and day after ovulation.

I would recommend you read Toni Weschler's "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". 

I'd also recommend you make an appointment with your physican (only because if you are trying to get pregnant then the length of your cycle is pretty short- which can not matter at all but on the other hand your egg may not be fully mature at ovulation or your luteal phase is short which would cause an issue with implantation).

You can also check out my blog: Living a New Life...

If you look in the sidebar you'll see where it says TTC information and TTC Basics...

My left brest nipple is sore and has been for about a couple weeks now but my right brest nipple is not sore. what could this mean?
I woke up this morning and started my period. Im already like two days late but i went to the bathroom and the coulor of the blod was like brown and a little pink on my panty liner and it was creamy lookin. a few minutes later it started to turn red. could i be pregnant or am i ok?
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