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I had brown gooey discharge/bleeding on day of period on pad and then nothing. I now have cm. I've had headaches and back pain

Posted by Mikey

I tried for several years to conceive but gave up a year or so ago.  My husband has since taken an antibiotic for a prostate infection.  He has also been drinking an herbal tea for the prostate and has shown marked improvement.  About 2 years ago I took Clomid for 4 months with no success.  My chart at the time showed that I was still ovulating.  Even though I'm 45 I still have regular periods.  This month I had mid-cycle pink spotting which I sometimes have.  We did have unprotected sex but I don't remember the days.  I have never missed a period.  They are usually 3 days long with days 1 & 2 being heavy and day 3 light.  I sometimes spot a day or two before my period but I didn't this month. 

This time feels different.  Could these symptoms be signs of perimenopause?  Many of them are similar to pregnancy symptoms.  Is it too early to take an HPT?  Thank you for your time.

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