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I had anal sex...

Posted Sep 01 2009 9:00pm

I had anal sex. I knew that if cum touched my vagina I could get pregnant. I was recently thinking back making sure there wasn't any possibility...and I was wrong. I've had two periods in the month of August and the most recent starting on the 19th. I had sex on the 27th, and if I still ovulated correctly then my ovulation date is the 28th. I was on birth control for the month of July, not August, and am now on birthcontrol again. It's been five days since the incident and I took two birth control today when I got them.

 I'm very confused on whether or not the two periods and birth control messed with my ovulation date. Because I checked my cervical mucus for the past five days and its been sort of all over the place. Today I noticed an abundance and when I pulled down my pants to use the restroom I noticed a large string. However when I checked later it was much dryer and it had a cloudy look to it.

I'm don't want to be pregnant so please no false hopes from other expecting mommy's to be(Congratulations). I am very confused on what this could mean. Please help.

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