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i had an irregular period after i let a guy come inside me and ive had other symptoms..could i be pregnant?please read details!

Posted by kristi.b16

last month i let a guy cum inside of me on the first day i started my period and now i would be about 5 and a half weeks and the smell of food is making me sick all i can eat is candy.its like i feel really sick and its hard to explain it comes in like waves of sickness it seems,ill be fine then all of a sudden i feel sick.i have been getting dizzy if i stand up suddenly or sometimes when im jus up and moving tired,,my upper back is kind of sore because my breast feel heavier but i havent noticed them being sore.i was spotting slightly about a week and a half after i could have gotten pregnant.i had slight cramping somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks after i could have gotten pregnant (after i had spotting)..i am 16 and have always had very bad periods that always lasted 6 or 7 days..with alot of bleeding and cramping but im just confused because i took a VERY cheap pregnancy test like right after an irregular period..also i just have this "feeling" its hard to explain.but my periods have always come at different times of the month but it came on the same day i first got it last month which is very unusual. my period was lighter and didnt give me any cramps ive also had mood swings but i am a 16 year old girl and im pretty sure thats normal lol..any help would be appreciated:)
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