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I had a brown discharge the day after having intercourse with my boyfriend. Is this a sign of pregnancy?

Posted by misty_blue88

so i had intercourse with my boyfriend the next day around late morning i started to get what i thought wasgoing to be my cycle turns out it was brown blood and it lasted bout 25 mins and i have had nothing since but mucas and a couple days before i was starting to get pregnacy signs like headaches,hot flashes,mild cramping,peeing alot feeling sick around food and it just keeps getting worse feeling tired alot and now as im wrighting in getting heartburn. so my question is could it be possible that im pregnant or is it all in my head i am soppse to get my cycle within the next two days but i dont have my normal symptoms of getting therefore i dont think mother nature is coming this month so please give me something to go on ..............
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when i got pregnant, i only spotted around the time i would have gotten my period.

People cycles change every so often it could be just from hormones that you'e going through.

over thinking about it may make you tie in symptoms that really aren't symptoms


and of course as we all know there is always a chance of being pregnant whether or not any of this is going on with you

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