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I had a (+) pregnancy test 2 mos. ago but i started to have heavy bleeding. Why do i still have a (+) pregnancy test today?

Posted by antoinette

LMP was February 1 and my next period was supposed to be March 3 to 5. However i had spotting last February 19 so i figured it might be implantation bleeding. I took the pregnancy test (February 23) and it turned out positive.

On the same day i took the test, i sprained my ankle so i remember taking ibuprofen-paracetamol for the swelling. Then just minutes after, i started having cramps like that of dysmenorrhea coupled with heavy red bleeding. It was much much heavier than my usual period. Every time i would sit on the toilet, red blood would gush out. This lasted for a whole week (which was longer than my usual period, it was the heaviest bleeding i ever had). I had cramps for the first 3 days and there was tenderness in my genitalia.

Today is april2 and i still have a positive pregnancy test. Am i still pregnant? i have no nausea, my breasts are not enlarged, and i have this white (not clear) vaginal discharge which isn't foul smelling. Am i still pregnant? i took the test this week (last week of March) and it's still positive. Please help me, i can't get to my doctor, i'm out of town for a month.

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