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I feel you Lord

Posted Feb 15 2013 12:01pm
Today, I have not felt so hot.

And it has rained the entire day.

JB started a fire for me in the fireplace, as we have no heat in the house, and I couldn't manage to keep it going. It went out. I had to start it again.

[To which Isaac always says, "Are you going to start a little fire, Mommy? Only Daddy can make the big fires."]

So true.

In addition, I had nothing on my calendar today. Connie had an organizing job. Carla, who I often get together with, was penned up inside her own house in the rain, neither of us wanting to brave the fierce winds to try to meet up.

And yet, despite the rain and the nausea, the Lord was so present in my home today. I have struggled to feel Him in recent days. I've been praying. Asking Him to reveal himself.

And today He did. Not on a day that was full of sunshine or warmth or friends or family as I might have thought. But on a day that you would think would fill me with gray clouds.

I could feel Him.

My housekeeper, Hita, works on Mondays and Fridays at my friend Kristy's house. Kristy is in the states having her baby. Hita, when she finishes working, came over to my house again today. Just to sit in my living room and wait for her son to pick her up.

She speaks very little English. My Portuguese is poor. And yet she wanted to be in my home. She came her by choice just to be with our family. Even though I am sick and in my pajamas and the kids are far from peaceful, she joined us.

With her arrival I felt the Lord whisper, "She can feel me too."

Thank you Lord for revealing yourself to me when I needed you most. Today. Thank you for whispering in my ear that you are with me on this island, in the Atlantic, in my under-the-weather state.

Thank you for a 10 week appointment yesterday at which we were able to hear baby's heartbeat.

You ... are ... here.

And He is with you too. Even if you don't feel him at this moment, HANG ON. He will make himself felt.

Of that I am proof.
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