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i dont know if im pregnant but i have been getting some symptoms could it be im getting my preiod or am i pregnant

Posted by mandy*moo16

ok im supposed to get my period in 7 days but i dont think im gonna have it..ive been having sex everyday maybe twice a day since the 5th of not sure if im pregnant though ive been getting symptoms of pregnancy. and my stomach looks a little bigger like its forming into a pregnant belly. im not sure though and im only 16. but i have one big question...when your going to get your period could it make you feel like your pregnant like are period and pregnancy fall in the same scared i dont have a pregnancy test and i dont have any information so i can go to the parents arent with me i live with my boyfriend ...please help

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I would say that having sex everyday maybe even twice a day without protection then you have the same chance of being pregnant as any one else- about 25%.


If you don't want to be pregnant then I would strongly suggest regular birth control. 

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