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Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
I knew yesterday wasn't going to be a good day the moment I opened my eyes. That's when I realized my lovely ocean waves alarm had NOT woken me up for my 2:15am pump. A few expletives left my mouth as I got out of bed and trudged downstairs to make coffee. Then I saw the bottle of breastmilk sitting out on the counter. Shit. Forgot to put it in the fridge the night before after Adam and I had measured it out for my pumping chart (yes, Adam is keeping track of my pumping production. It's his contribution to this whole process, along with replenishing my beverages). Three hard-earned ounces down the drain. Annoying.

Work was crazy busy, with back-to-back meetings, and I wasn't looking forward to having to be productive. The coffee just wasn't working - even with the extra hour of sleep I got.

So I was pumping away, hands-free of course, on the phone with a colleague, when I got a knock on my door. It was my marketing assistant, and of course it had to be important because she knew I was pumping behind the "Do Not Enter" sign. It was Jenna, and she needed to talk to me ASAP.

I just want to admit here that every single time I see Jenna's name pop up on my caller ID, I think "THIS IS IT". Initially, back in the early stages, I used to think something was wrong, but now all I can think about is that she's going into labour. A bit irrational, and emotionally exhausting because she calls me at least once a day, but I can't help it. I'm in a constant state of readiness.

As it turns out, yesterday Jenna seemed to have contracted a NASTY stomach bug and was pretty sick. Her doctor was sending her to labour & delivery because she was having contractions, and she needed to get checked out. So I shut everything down and raced out of work to pick up Adam so we could meet Jenna in Hamilton at the hospital. I was thinking all the way home about what I needed to grab once I got home...the letter for the delivery room from our lawyer, my health card, my pump, comfy clothes...I even missed my exit I was so focused. I was also trying to work out a contingency plan for Quincy in case we were in Hamilton pretty late. I pull up to our house, go up to the front door and there's Adam, sitting on the stairs waiting for me. I start into the "I need to grab...I need to do...keys to our neighbour for Quincy..." when Adam starts laughing and admits that all he did was grab the camera. The difference between boys and girls. Now in truth, Adam was right - what else did we need if baby girl Brown did in fact make her arrival? We'd figure it all out. I should also add that Adam is the calm, cool, and collected one out of the two of us - I tend to get lost in the details sometimes, so I'm grateful for when my husband can give me some great perspective : )

To make a long story short, no baby girl Brown yesterday. Jenna was monitored for the day, was given drugs to help with the nausea, and fluids because she was pretty dehydrated. The L&D nurses were AMAZING and it was good to get this "dry run" experience before the big day. Now I have a better idea of what to expect in there. At least we'll know where to go!

Jenn got released last night and is at home resting, hopefully feeling much better. As much as I can't wait for baby girl Brown to arrive, she does need to cook in there a bit longer yet. And I need to get her clothes washed and all put away before she can even THINK of making her debut. Let the laundry begin!
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