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I am two weeks late and have extremely sore stomach muscles, should I take a test? My last period was Sept. 7th and my husband a

Posted by kpechon

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how long is your normal cycle? Do you know if/when you ovulated? 

Were you ill/ take any kind of antibiotic during the first half of your cycle?


Any unusual stress? 

The last couple of months it has been a full 28 days, very regular. No stress, no meds, not sure whats going on. I noticed this weekend I was late and in the beginning of Oct. I started with the lower back achs and the normal cramps well they only last two days and no period. Usually I cramp to were I can't get out of the bed and start bleeding that afternoon. So, still no period and for the last couple days, probably since Thursday or Friday I have had sore stomach muscles, like I spent the whole day at the gym doing an ab workout, and trust me I have not been to the gym, LOL! What do you think???
I still can't make an educated guess.  I would say just take a pregnancy test. At this point it should be accurate
Ok, well thank you for talking with me. I'm going to get a test tonight after work and take it in the morning. Keep you posted!!
So how did your test turn out?
Well I'm not too sure. The first one was positive and the second was negative. Both same kind of test. So my gyno wants me to come in Friday morning for blood work and an ultrasound. She thinks the sore stomach muscles may be from being so skinny and being between 5 and 6 weeks pregnant that my muscles are starting to strech. She seems to be very sure that I am pregnant. I am miserable though, my stomach is very sore and I have had that constant feeling of being bloated all day, like I have eaten too much.
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