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I am one day late for my period and have a neg hpt, do I wait to bug a Dr? Do I call now? What do I do?

Posted by christy1

I had not had a period since b4 my daughter was concived. She is now 17 mo old. Almost 3 months ago my Dr. put me on bc pills to start a period. It worked 2 months on and then whammy I got a period. It started on the 16  of feb. According to a fertility wed site I should have ovulated on the 1st and 2and of March. So I did what you do when you ovulate. My period was die yesterday and no show so far. I have taken early hpt and they have come back neg. So do I wait more time? Or do I ask a Dr now?  Right now I have sticky cm. No extra like people say you get in preg. I have had a loss of appitie. I have either been exhausted or I can not sleep. I am nursing and my milk production is way down. (could have a little something to do with lack of eating).  I was having major cramps last week and a surge of cm. Is it also posible that my ovulation was late? Help me. Going a little crazy here.
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