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I am a 31 year old woman who has never had a period. Every other thing appears normal according to test done by the docs, shou

Posted by cressida_foo

I did a few hormone tests which came back normal then the doctor did a pelvic exam and ordered an ultrasound, also put me on progesterone for a week to see if I would bleed ( I did after 5 days) , all of which he said was normal.
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I am goin to link you to a site that is a great overview of Primary Amenorrhea.


I don't understand how your doctor could say everything was "normal" when in fact you needed progesterone for a bleed- which makes it a withdrawl bleed and not a "uterine lining" bleed.  There is a reason behind it and when you find the reason then the treatment will help get you on track and pregnant. If he doesn't want to do the testing then remember you can find a GYN or other physican who would be willing to work with you.


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