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i am 6 weeks pregnent and had a brown discharge today its my 3rd pregnency the other two were fine nothing like this happened

Posted by louisez69

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Brown blood/discharge is usually old blood.  If it begins to get bright red at that point it could be indicative of an issue.


the best to you

that happened to me at eight weeks. It started out like a light brown discharge. Called doc he said it can be normal. Had an ultrasound it only measured 6 weeks when I was supposed to be eight. I had a sac with no baby and no heartbeat. Told me to come back in a week. Next day it got worse, turned more of a pinkish red with mild cramps. I knew this wasn't normal from already having two healthy preganacy's. Called doc to come in for an emergency visit and they confirmed a miscarriage. Had a D&E the very next day. Always get checked for brown discharge. I'm now dealing with severe dysplasia and have to have a conization done. This all happened in a month! Being a women is overwhemling sometimes. I would never imagine a guy having to go through this. They would crumble!
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