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i am 5 days late on my period and i had intercourse 23 days after my last period {before i missed this one} and I'm bloated

Posted by pooh

i am 5 days late i fell as if i gained a little weight my stomach is a lil more bloated than usually,i have really bad stomach pain,cramps,im eating more,i have food cravings,and i'm going to bed more a lot eirler than usually,my stomach itches all over like it's growing.i'm really moody,fatigue i have minor headaches,and when i had intercourse my partner had ejackulatted in me i have all the signs of pregnuncy but i've heard i could be PMS -ing and or dtredd because i wanting to become pregnunt could i be
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At this point in time your uterus wouldn't be growing enough to cause itching- it is hardly noticable actually if you were pregnant at this time.


23 days from your last period would  put you in your luteal phase (second half of your cycle) and (if you have medically "correct" cycles) would mean that your egg will have already run its course.  

Of course there is a possibility that you ovulated later in which case it is possible you may have caught your fertile window. 

Have you taken a test?

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