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i am 3 days late for my period and i took the test on my expected due date of my period and it was negative.? wats that mean?

Posted by smoochies87

i dont understand i havent gotten my period but yet the test said negative so i dont understand what it means
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do I thing you might have....?
what u mean do one thing i might have?
When I first saw your question it wasn't complete. Now that it is complete I can answer.

It means that you must have ovulated later than you believe and at this point in time you are not pregnant.
so u are saying that i will get my period then??
if you ovulated then you should start your bleed as expected (your luteal phase length will tell you when to expect your bleeds to begin no matter what cycle day you ovulate since that remains pretty consistant).
what does that mean?

The time from the day after you ovulate (1 day past ovulation) to the day before your bleed begins (medical standard is 14 days past ovulation) is called your luteal phase.

As an example: 

My luteal phase average is 15 days-

So say I ovulate on cycle day 14- then my next Cycle day 1 (first day of full red flow) would be 30 days from the day I ovulated (cycle day 29 would be 15 days past ovulation. 


Now say I ovulate on Cycle day 30 for whatever reason- then I could expect my bleed to start 15 days from that point.  It doesn't mean I am "late" it just means that my ovulation was delayed. 

Now say I ovulated on Cycle day 30 and my bleed doesn't begin 15 days later- at that point I would be considered "late" and would take a pregnancy test. 

Does that make sense?

Correction: (sorry I didn't notice before I hit submit)

" then my next Cycle day 1 (first day of full red flow) would be 30 days from the day I ovulated (cycle day 29 would be 15 days past ovulation."

I meant to say "then my next cycle day 1 would be 16 days from the day I ovulated"

oh okay well im just saying because i havent been late before and my fiance and i are tring to have a baby. so thats why i think that i might be pregnant because my ovaltion is on oct 9th to oct 14th so thats why i was saying that i might be, cuz we had sex from the 1st of october till now.. and i havent had anything but a lil spotting of blood in the middle of the month, so thats why im confused. 

how did you determine when your ovulation date was?


I am just confused cause you said "my ovulation is on Oct9th through to Oct 14".  That just isn't possible as ovulation happens on one day and one ovary produces one egg.

oh well i did a test and thats what i said.. but it doesnt matter im jus confused if im pregnant or not u are saying no.. but im not sure

what kind of tests did you use? And did you use another method to confirm?

See it is possible to have more than one fertile patch in any given cycle...if the LH (What the ovulation test detect) doesn't reach a certain threshold the egg won't release BUT a ovulation predictor test can show as positive.  The body will then gear up to try again (which will also produce another positive test). 


I am saying "no you aren't pregnant" based on the fact that you said you took a home pregnancy test and that came out negative.

i took a clearblue prenancy test on the 25th of october and it came negative it was a home pregnancy test
I am asking what you used to determine your ovulation.
The internet isn't going to tell you when you ovulate. It makes an estimate based on what the medical standard is and does not take into account how your body works or any factors that may affect your cycle. 
when i was in the shower milk was coming out of my breasts and they've been hard and my nipples are also dark and every time i eat i feel sick and i go to the bathroom very often not only that i also have been having hard stool movements.
best thing to do get check only god and the doctor kno cant kno one tell u nun ove the internet
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