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I am 11 week pregnant not my first pregnancy

Posted by Peanut

Hey my name is lisa I am sorry if there is mistakes on here I am on my phone. I have some question for about a week or so I have had brown discharge with string like clots when I wipe. I haven't been filling pads or anything three weeks ago. I bleed red and lots went to the hospital the doctor there was rude and said I had a miscarriage had a ultrasound the next day the baby was fine and everything was fine. So now I am worried. I told my doctor he wasn't concerned and told me to take an easy. Kinda hard with a 15 month girl which is so activity. So have tried my hardest to relax I'm not picking my baby up. I am just worried about the brown discharge with stink like clots ? I have kidney and gall stone I don't know if this has anything to do with it. I am have been in a lots of pain off and on
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