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I’m ‘re-jigging’ – and Fertilise Yourself is getting an upgrade!

Posted Sep 17 2013 10:08pm

by mnfadmin on September 16, 2013

As if life isn't busy enough, if you're anything like me, sometimes you can complicate things even more.  And now, I've done it again – but that's ok, sometimes we just need to re-jig.

Most of you are familiar with my e-book Fertilise Yourself.  You've loved it so much that time and time again you've asked me for the hard copy version and I hear you.  I've realised that there is a whole lot more to Fertilise Yourself, that I want everybody to know and so it's time to bunker down and get that happening as my next project.  I'm now focusing on getting this hard copy, new and improved version to you.

Why am I telling you this?  I need a little slack.  Typically I blog 4 times a week (including healthtalksTV which is on holidays right now) and I'm absolutely dedicated to bringing to you my knowledge and sharing with you tips and tricks on how to make your life more fertile (and just all round awesome – not limited to babies!!).  But I need your support – over the next several weeks, you may see a few less posts – not many, but I'd rather let you know where I'm at rather than be M.I.A.  

If only there were more hours in the day!

This is all because I've realised the power of re-jigging.

This isn't limited to our hopes and dreams – this extends to every corner of our lives, especially our health.  Is your health on track?  What is YOUR plan?  Don't have one?  Make one!  When we plan, achieve.  I encourage you to write down your immediate goals, as well as those for 6 months time, 1 year and 5 years.  You know, I recently did this and discovered something when I checked back in some 8 months later.  I had achieved everything in my 5 year plan – in 8 months!!!  

I know that I don't have to ask for your permission to submit a few less posts over the next short while (and who knows, maybe I'll be ok!) but I do thank you all for your ongoing support, the constant stream of lovely feedback and most of all commend you on all the positive changes you are making toward better health.  I can't wait to bring the big printed version of Fertilise Yourself to you!

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