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How to Treat Secondary Infertility by Guest Blogger Tania Tod, RN

Posted May 28 2010 1:18am

Babymain Secondary infertility is described as a couple that has naturally conceived a child and is not able to do so again.  The condition is not as uncommon as people might think and just because of having one child naturally does not mean it will happen again just as easily.  When couples have been trying to conceive    a second child, the thought of secondary infertility may not have even entered their mind. 

There are millions upon millions of couples in the country that have to face an enduring and heartbreaking battle with secondary infertility.  The problem generally remains a silent and unacknowledged condition and until more research is done, the battle to treat it will continue.  Physicians are not exactly sure of how to treat secondary infertility  and until more advances are made, many of the methods used to treat primary infertility will be the standard protocol for handling the condition. 

When a couple goes through the emotional battle surrounding secondary infertility, it can take awhile for the reality to sink in and hit home.  Feelings of jealousy, failure, anger, grief and depression are very common and must be handled in order to not influence the existing child.  When thinking of conceiving a second or third child, the couple must consider every possible angle and whether or not they are ready to make the emotional, financial and personal commitment required. 

When trying to conceive an additional child and going through secondary infertility, a couple may not experience the same consideration or attention as the first time, which could be hard to deal with.  The long term goal of any couple experiencing secondary infertility is to one month get a positive result on a pregnancy test.  When this finally happens, the couple will feel a sense of elation and joy at finally embracing the reality of their dream of having a second baby is finally coming true. 

For a couple that has had an ongoing battle with secondary infertility, there will be many different things which must be dealt with.  In order to better increase the chances of conception, it is important for a couple to find a physician that knows how to treat secondary infertility.  When everything is taken into consideration regarding secondary infertility, a couple should never give up hope that with medical treatment pregnancy is entirely possible.  Through finding the best care possible, secondary infertility can become a thing of the past and a couple can soon welcome a new baby into the family.

 "Tania Tod is RN, working as certified Personal Fitness and Aerobic Trainer for the past 9 years. She has entered a road of trying to conceive a baby, and her newest blog is Trying To Conceive where she shares her thoughts and experience with the world."

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