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how soon can i take a test?

Posted by nishpat

I am 28 years old. 

I have an average of 25 day cycle. I am on my 25th day today, so my period is suppose to start anytime now. we are trying to conceive and i have been monitoring my fertility days using calculation (no basal temp ). my doctor said my ovulation would be on my 11th day because of my shorter cyle and we had sex on 9 th, 10 th and 11th day of my cycle. so it has been exact 2 weeks today from the day I ovulated.

since last one weeks i have the following symtoms:

1. headaches (i never have them before in my life)

2. Since last two days my right breast is sore and it feels heavier and it hurts around the nipple

3. I ate this mexican rice bowl in my work caffeteria last week and in 3 bites i had to throw up. ( i have had this before and i was fine)

4. this morning while i was brushing my teeth I felt like throwing up but I couldn't. I am thinking i might have taken my toothbrush and little deeper than usual, but not sure.

So knowing all that when should I test?  Please help, are these really signs of pregnancy or is this all just in my head because I want to get pregnant.




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Since your period is suppose to start any time now, you could test now. You can test up to 4 days before your missed period. If the test is negative don't get upset, it could just be too early.

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